Smart CitiesEach year, Fira Barcelona hosts this smart cities event and in just four years it has become the largest gathering of its kind—with over 11,000 attendees and more than 440 cities participating. Together these leaders from around the globe discussed best practices, innovative ideas and built partnerships. Leading Cities’ President and CEO, Michael Lake, serves as a member of the Smart Cities World Expo and Congress Advisory Board and moderated sessions tackling such issues as “Smart Cities, change the world” to “The Future of Globalization” where experts shared their insights and warnings, their predictions and hopes.

“Hearing from such leaders as my friend, Parag Kannah, about the future of cities and their place in the 21st century confirms the very purpose of Leading Cities—to engage in city diplomacy to address and concur the challenges urban centers face,” said Michael Lake. This year during the Leading Cities Annual Summit the host city of Lisbon will lead a “City Session” on the topic of smart cities. This theme will provide a platform for partner cities to share lessons learned, best practices and innovative ideas as well as to continue the discussion and learnings of the Smart Cities World Expo and Congress.

Smart Cities, change the world:

The Future of Globalization:

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