portugal-733054_640Expanding the reach and benefits of international collaboration among city leaders: that is the mission of the Annual Summit recently hosted by Leading Cities and the City of Lisbon, Portugal. The summit brought together stakeholders from cities around the world to discuss the potential of the co-creative process applied to the public sector as well as such topics as strengthening entrepreneurship ecosystems and expanding the growth of Smart Cities. For benefits of such opportunities to be fully realized by all citizens, city leaders must work with citizens and local stakeholders to bring city services into the 21st century. The Smart Cities approach not only addresses the need to utilize modern technologies to address the changing needs of cities, but also connect people to their local governments in more efficient and productive ways, including utilizing collaborative initiatives like the co-creation model. With the world growing more interconnected, no community is an island. World markets on small and large scales succeed and fail together. Through events like this summit, partner cities are proving that they recognize the need to work together to address common issues internationally and locally. By connecting municipal governments and their local universities with other such pairings, Leading Cities continues to realize its mantra to create global impact on the local level.

Author: Jeffrey Anderson-Burgos

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