shutterstock-117587362-2Managing the public’s expectations, and making them see that trialling new urban solutions and failing is “not a bad thing, just a part of the process” – this step was “crucial to Boston’s success”, said Michael Lake, chairman and CEO of Leading Cities, yesterday, at the annual meeting of an international network of nine cities who seek to find solutions to urban issues. “You can’t be smart if you don’t learn from your mistakes and successes along the way”, he emphasized.
According to Lake, when you think of a smart city, the key points are “collecting data, processing it, and finding innovative ways of putting it to use”. The North American city does this through mobile apps such as Citizen Connect, which allows users to photograph anything from potholes to damaged signposts, and send them directly to local authorities. “This is a great way for citizens to become the eyes and ears of a city, helping it process a lot more information and be more efficient”, he concluded.

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One thought on ““You can’t be smart without learning from mistakes” by Patricia Silva

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    Paulo Sousa

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