SCEWC-2015During this week and due to the participation and leadership role of Leading Cities in the Smart City Expo World Congress 2015 held in Barcelona we will share a series articles, with brief summaries regarding our presence in this global forum about city innovation, where cities, government, public and private sector meet to design the future of our cities, and expand our understanding of urban life and the meaning of citizenship through different project and ideas.

Tuesday, November 17th has been the kickoff of this wonderful week, where the most brilliant minds, entrepreneurs, companies, city officials, and public servants meet to implement real change for the world.

As Leading Cities we are represented by Michael Lake, CEO, of the network, Dr. Joaquín Rodríguez, Leading Cities Coordinator in Spain; Dr. Alistair Cole, Leading Cities Coordinator in France and Renato de Castro Leading Cities Board Member. During this first day we attended several events, like the inauguration ceremony, an event held by AirBnB called Catapult Cities. In addition to sharing Leading Cities’ insights’ and talent through workshop participation two members of Leading Cities were selected as speakers during multiple sessions, for example Michael Lake was taking part in the Smart Up forum where Asian and Latin American cities and universities met in order to exchange good practices and present different projects in order to foster business and innovation related to the Smart Cities topic. Later in the day, Michael moderated a panel of distinguished experts in the field of co-creation, including fellow Leading Cities representative, Alistair Cole from Science Po-Lyon that focused on the topic of Co-creation being used to harness the talent of citizens in the effort to resolve city challenges. Alistair Cole shared findings from Leading Cities’ Co-Creation Connectivity: Addressing the Citizen Engagement Challenge and the panel discussed the opportunities and challenges associated with implementing a co-creation model in the public sector.


Michael Lake, CEO of Leading Cities and Ada Coulau, Barcelona’s Mayor

Completing this inaugural day of the 2015 Smart City Expo & World Congress, Leading Cities was well represented at the American Chamber of Commerce reception with US Ambassador James Costos and US Department of Commerce General Counsel, Kelly Welsh. As a final activity for this busy first day, Michael Lake as a member of the Smart Cities Expo & World Congress Advisory Board, attended a dinner with Ada Colau, the newly elected Mayor of Barcelona where they had the opportunity to discuss Barcelona’s partnership with Leading Cities and explore the very exciting possibility of Mayor Colau visiting New York and Boston early next year with an official delegation.


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