Smart-city-barcelona-2014-02The final day arrived, our heads are spinning full of new ideas, and projects to share throughout the Leading Cities Network. Over the course of these three days at the Smart Cities Expo & World Congress we have learned about new technologies, private and public initiatives that could be the next revolution of the urban experience. We are very happy and grateful to have had the opportunity to “join the urban innovation” wave that is going to change the way we understand urban ecosystems. It’s for that reason that we feel obligated to thank of the people that have made this possible.

This final day of global gathering under the unified banner of urban improvement has been particularly special. It was the time to make projections about the future of our network, and to organize all the ideas and projects that had discovered or created during this convention. We have had bilateral meetings in order to grow our Network, as a part of an effort that should be materialized in the months. We have also explore new topics, both for research a internal methodology of the network as the months to come. While moderating his final session of the conference, Our CEO, Michael Lake, challenged the audience and panelists to envision the fourth generation of smart cities development. City leaders globally will engage in the birth of this new generation, which will progress beyond the large corporation providing one-size fits all solutions to cities as was done during he first generation. Out will move beyond the second generation when city leaders reached out to those same companies seeking more customized solutions and it will surpass even the circular economy and citizen engagement dimension of this current third generation. As our cities grow smarter so too do our city leaders, entrepreneurs, business men and women, academics and all stakeholders. The fourth generation will be the most inclusive, multi-perspective driven generation yet realized. It’s solutions will likely transform our cities in ways we cannot yet imagine.

Michael Lake in his role as a member of the Smart Cities Expo & World Congress also officially closed the three day proceedings with Jerry Hultin. Michael shared with a global audience that this was the largest smart cities event in the world with over 350 journalists carrying the stories of smart city solutions to nearly ever corner of the Earth. The congress had 500 experts speak and the Expo had nearly 500 exhibitors. There was another achievement and record realized—there were more than 500 cities represented from around the world. To online his remarks, It was said that there is a necessity to collaborate in a global effort to make possible positive change in the living quality of communities everywhere. And so with that the Congress conclude until next year when more experts, Mayors, businesses, entrepreneurs and others will gather to report new successes and define new opportunities to deal with the challenges our cities face and make our urban centers places of great pride, efficiency, opportunity and hope.



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