9781138850026The new “Books and Publications” section of the Leading Cities website aims to configure a space where Leading Cities’ network of researchers can share their latest publication(s) in order to provide a deeper vision about the challenges of the 21st century, related with urbanism, sociology, anthropology, philosophy and economy under the umbrella of Smart-Cities and resilience.

We inaugurate this section with the Book “Cities in Crisis” a collaborative work coordinated by Dr. Jörg Knieling, the local coordinator of Leading Cities in Hamburg (Germany) which also  includes a collaboration of our Leading Cities coordinator in Barcelona (Spain), Dr. Joaquín Rodríguez among other scholars.

Cities in Crisis examines the political and administrative implications of austerity measures applied in southern European cities. These include cuts in local public spending and the processes of privatization of local public assets, as well as issues related to the re-scaling, recentralization or decentralization of competencies. Attention is paid to the rise of new ‘austerity regimes’, the question of their legitimacy and their spatial manifestations, and in particular to the social consequences of austerity.

The contributions to this book lay the foundation for recommendations on how to improve and consolidate qualified governance arrangements in order to better address rapid economic and social changes. Such recommendations are applicable to cities and urban regions both within and outside of Europe. It identifies possible approaches, tools and partnerships to tackle the effects of the crisis and to prepare European cities for future challenges.

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