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Checks Mailed To: Leading Cities | 103 Gainsborough Street, Suite #101 | Boston, MA 02115

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Leading Cities will lead an historic Exchange Mission with a delegation of business, civic and academic leaders to explore the achievements, challenges and opportunities that exist in Cuba today. This Leading Cities trip will be highlighted by meetings and idea exchanges with city officials, academic experts, Cuban and foreign businessmen, entrepreneurs and officials at different levels of the Cuban government. Invited participants include academic professionals, executives, entrepreneurs and others. Our delegation will meet and interact with authorities in Cuba who have worked collaboratively to create and maintain improved systems of operations in Cuba.

Education: Lessons to LearnSchool Children

Cuba is highly ranked for human development, health and education by the United Nations. UNESCO rates Cuba as the best education system in Latin America, despite being one of the less developed countries in the region. In Cuba, education is public and free for all citizens. The challenges of a relatively poor economy make Cuba’s achievements more impressive. Cuba invests twice the amount of public spending on education as its wealthier neighbors, at 10% of GNP. We will explore the educational system— its methods and structure— and how this island has managed to maintain a literacy rate of 99.8%.

Health Care: Achieving More with LessHealthcare

The correlation between low income and poor health has been established in many countries. Despite Cuba’s poverty, the country’s quality of health contradicts this correlation. According to the UN’s World Health Organization, Cuba’s health care system is an example for all countries of the world. Cuba has one of the world’s lowest infant mortality rates, slightly lower than that of the U.S., and the life expectancy is 78.5 years, one of the world’s highest. The Cuban health system is recognized worldwide for its excellence and its efficiency. Cuba has managed to guarantee access to health care across all segments of the population obtaining results similar to those of the world’s most developed nations.

Opportunities: From Tourism to TechnologyCuba Construction

We stand at a historic moment in the relationship between the U.S. and Cuba. With American tourists soon flocking to Cuba, tourism is expected to double in the first year alone. This will provide a mix of opportunities and challenges. The hospitality industry will need to grow rapidly to meet new demand. Officials will have to understand and prepare for the demands of new tourists. Infrastructure needs are beyond that of just bricks and mortar. According to the White House, only 5% of the Cuban population has access to the internet— one of the lowest in the world. We will explore some of the most significant opportunities emerging in Cuba and understand what possibilities exist in this growing marketplace.

~Space is Limited~


Checks Mailed To: Leading Cities | 103 Gainsborough Street, Suite #101 | Boston, MA 02115

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Trip Cost: $5,000 USD

Price includes all group accommodations, meals, ground transportation, special speakers. Price does not include airfare.

*Online payments are subject to an additional convenience tax.

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