Authors: Michael Lake, President and CEO of Leading Cities and Joaquín Rodríguez, Local Coordinator of Leading Cities in Barcelona


As it has been a tradition for our organization, Leading Cities has been actively involved for the fifth consecutive year at the Smart City Expo World Congress, held in Barcelona in November 2016. Our organization has been represented by Michael Lake, CEO of Leading Cities and Member of the Smart City Expo World Congress Advisory Board, and Joaquín Rodríguez, local coordinator of Leading cities in Barcelona.

This year, the exhibition was accompanied by a great window of opportunity for Leading Cities, which not only stands out as one of the benchmarks in the field of “intelligent ecosystems” but has given us the possibility of entering a new phase of development for Leading Cities. We will be announcing these advancements and opportunities publicly in the coming months. In the meantime, we can share that this next phase of growth includes new projects and services, as well as new partners under the continued objective of actively contributing to a redefinition of intelligent ecosystems based on the concepts of social and economic sustainability, responsibility and progress.

This edition of the Smart City Expo has grown with new pavilions, such as those dedicated to intelligent solutions for water management. Furthermore, the 2016 event saw the participation of new cities and companies, which have provided a new, more global approach, and less transatlantic than in the past. Ultimately, the Smart City Expo World Congress has become a must attend event for all those seriously involved in the transformation of urban centers from industrial development to a post-modern reality, where physical and digital spaces are merged with the goal of providing not only a new understanding of the city, but also defining the city’s role as in direct service to the welfare and comfort of its citizens.

As a global leader in advancing Smart City solutions, Leading Cities recognizes the challenge of startup and emerging solution providers to afford a valuable presence alongside some of the world’s most prominent Smart City solution providers at such a high-profile, massive event as the Smart City Expo World Congress. Therefore, we are pleased to offer the launch of limited spaces in the Leading Cities Pavilion at the 2017 Smart City Expo World Congress (November 14-16, 2017) for both small and large firms to showcase their solutions and interact with city leaders from throughout the Leading Cities network. For more information or to reserve a space today, please contact Michael Lake, President and CEO of Leading cities at or

Joaquín Rodríguez, Coordinator of Leading cities in Barcelona



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