carles-agusti-fotoLeading Cities is very pleased to announce that Mr. Carles Agustí, Open Government Director at Diputació de Barcelona (Regional Government), is Joining the Leading Cities Barcelona Advisory Board. In addition to the valuable skills, insights and expertise that Mr. Agustí adds to the Advisory Board, his inclusion represents a special addition to the Leading Cities family. Mr. Agustí has been an active participant in the work of Leading Cities from its origins in Barcelona.

In addition to the efforts Mr. Agustí manages within Diputació de Barcelona, he also serves as the President of Compolcat (Catalan Association of Political Communication) and he is an internationally renowned expert in the field of citizen’s relations with the public administration, open government and Smart Citizens issues. His expertise is highly sought after and Mr. Agustí has been a featured speaker and panelist on these issues around the world.

Mr. Agustí is a member of Barcelona’s Open Data Institute Advisory Committee and is also a member of the Open Big Data Master Advisory Committee of the Polytechnic University of Catalonia where he also performs some of his teaching activities.

Recently, Mr. Agustí served as Councilor of Citizen Participation and Associations of Barcelona City Council, the position after which he became Innovation and Democratic Quality Director of the Catalan Government. Mr. Agustí is also the former General Secretary of the International Organization of Participatory Democracy (OIDP), an international organization with more than 750 participating cities and numerous associations from 65 different countries.

For more information click here

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