josep-lluis-de-la-rosaJosep Lluís de la Rosa is a Full Professor at the University of Girona (UdG) Spain since 2010 and Rensselaer Institute of Technology (RPI) New York, USA from 2008-2010. Mr. De la Rosa is also the director of the Technology Research Center Easy and of the Official Master in Smart Cities of the UdG. He received his MBA from UdG and his PhD in Computer Science from the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB). Mr. De la Rosa is an expert in intelligent agents, social networks, virtual currencies, and digital preservation and their application to the market. With over 200 international publications and more than 20 PhD theses supervised, Mr. De la Rosa has contributed to the thought leadership and future of a new generation of business leaders and change agents. He is a researcher with entrepreneurial vision that has created several spin-off companies starting from the first world robotic soccer team as early as 1996. His research on complementary and virtual currencies started in 2006 and soon became fascinated by the disruption of Blockchain and SmartContracts technologies and their advantages. From that point forward, he has been working on this topic to design new types of money suitable for the Internet in particular and many other applications in general.

We are very proud to include Mr. De la Rosa and his visionary leadership as an asset to Leading Cities as a member of our Barcelona Local Advisory Board.

For more information:

Twitter: @peplluis7

CV in Google


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