boston-skylineMichael Lake, President and CEO of Leading Cities, is the only American nominated for the inaugural UK Smart Cities Awards 2017 in the category “Smart City Leader & Promoter.” Michael has been recognized globally as a pioneer in the space of Smart Cities for his leadership in networking cities across international borders with the launch of the results-oriented, non-profit organization, Leading Cities.

“Boston is proud to be the headquarters of Leading Cities, an impactful global organization that is helping bring transformative ideas and solutions to the people of Boston,” said Boston Mayor Martin J. Walsh. “Our city is grateful to the work of Leading Cities and the leadership of Michael Lake in advancing Smart City solutions and international collaboration here in Boston.

Leading Cities has initiated opportunities ranging from the introduction of Participatory Budgeting to the cities of Boston and Cambridge, to the facilitation of a memorandum of understanding between Catalonia, Spain and Massachusetts focusing on the common industries of high-tech, clean-tech and life sciences. Leading Cities launched the concept of Innovation Week, which has transformed into the wildly successful Hub Week. More recently, Leading Cities has demonstrated its potential to create impact far beyond policy to also include saving lives by connecting the city of Rio de Janeiro with the startup manufacturer of emergency response drones, equipped with defibrillators and capable of arriving faster than ambulances to the scenes of medical emergencies.

“Before international Smart Cities networks were commonplace, Michael introduced his vision of solution sharing through a network of mid-sized cities around the world and Leading Cities has the results to prove the power of such a network,” said Professor Joaquin Rodriguez of the University Autonomous Barcelona.

According to its website, the Smart Cities UK 2017 Conference, Expo and Awards advances the recognition of global leadership that identifies and promotes the transformative forces and solutions, which lead to improving the efficiency of and quality of life within cities.

“Leaders like Mike Lake and Leading Cities have helped make Boston and cities around the world smarter and more equitable,” said Boston City Council President, Michelle Wu. “By nominating Mike Lake for this prestigious award, Smart Cities UK has identified a real visionary with the leadership to make our cities smarter and more efficient.

Leading Cities is a global leader in Smart City solutions, city diplomacy and collaboration advancing sustainability and resilient city strategies and technologies. With its global network of world-class cities in ten countries, Leading Cities has built bridges to share best practices, urban solutions and lessons learned among city leaders while breaking down barriers within cities by engaging each of the five sectors of society’s quintuple-helix (Q-helix): Public, Private, Non-profit, Academia and Citizenry.

“It is truly an honor to be among such a distinguished field of nominees who represent some of the greatest leaders in the Smart Cities space globally,” said Lake. “This is an honor that I share with the entire Leading Cities team, our partners and our member cities—we have achieved real results together and we are still at the very beginning of this Smart City journey.

This article has been originally published by Smart and Resilient Cities, click here to read the original article.

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