51cftau4gnlWith the convergence of globalization, technology and more recently democracy, America and nations around the world are questioning the impact these changes will have and the solutions to the challenges that they create. Leading Cities is proud to announce that Parag Khanna—a Leading Cities member, best-selling author, geo-strategist and one of Esquire’s 75 most influential people of the 21st century—has released his new book Technocracy in America.

In his provocative study Technocracy in America, global scholar Parag Khanna goes far beyond the backwards-looking “Washington is broken” tropes of today’s commentators. Drawing on two decades of living in and observing the world’s best (and worst) political systems, he provides a detailed design for a better government: A “collective presidency” such as Switzerland’s or China’s in which a half-dozen leaders jointly manage the executive branch and all the complex issues our nation faces, an Assembly of Governors (instead of the Senate) with greater authority over legislation than today’s narrow-minded Congress, a Supreme Court more like Germany’s chosen for its ability to adapt the Constitution to modern society, and a civil service like Singapore’s that uses scenarios to forecast future trends and invest in the right education and skills. In addition to these bold and essential proposals, Technocracy in America traces the rise of an entirely new kind of regime — a direct technocracy — one that marries the will of the people and the power of data with the judgment of qualified experts. Which America must aspire and evolve— or risk watching other societies overtake it to this info-state.


For more information, click here

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