city-1759377_960_720The growth of cities around the world has been a popular topic in recent years. With an estimated 3 million individuals moving into a city worldwide each week, the challenges and opportunities facing cities are growing exponentially. Leading Cities’ mission to make cities better places to live, work and play has driven this organization to be a globally recognized leader in Smart City methodologies, best practices and solution connectors. One of our mantras has always been to create global impact on the local level. In this continued effort to leverage our work at the city level to have far-reaching, global impact for people around the world, Leading Cities is excited to launch our Global Advisory Board.

The Leading Cities Global Advisory Board will be comprised of some of the world’s foremost experts and leaders in their fields from all five sectors of society—public, private, academia, non-profit and citizenry. Our Global Advisory Board members share not only their experience from distinguished careers, but their passion to affect positive change. This new Global Advisory Board perfectly complements the already existing and impressive leadership represented within Leading Cities’ Board of Directors and Local Advisory Boards. As we initiate and expand this powerful convening of thought leadership and expertise within each of these governing structures, we are mindful of the tremendous value such leadership can have on the future of this organization and the impact we can achieve throughout the world.

Cities are not just population growth centers, but economic engines, talent magnets, entrepreneurial ecosystems and the cradles of our future. Leading Cities is grateful for this opportunity to engage global thinkers who will help identify and shape opportunities for impact, share an understanding of the larger context of Smart City solutions and amplify the work and research produced throughout the Leading Cities network.

Our cities are so much more than neighborhoods and communities. Our cities are the foundation on which future civilization will be built. Our ability to better build and support that foundation now will help determine the quality of life for generations to come. The vision of Leading Cities is for cities and the billions of urban inhabitants around the world achieve higher standards of living, more efficient uses of public resources and improved quality of life by promoting sustainability, being more equitable and more inclusive. The Leading Cities Global Advisory Board will be a critical engine propelling us forward and helping to realize this vision on a global scale. Please watch as we begin to announce, with pride and excitement, the first members of our Global Advisory Board.

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