Barcelona's LABThe 30th April 2017, Leading Cities Barcelona has organized the first meeting of its Local Advisory Board (LAB). This meeting has been possible thanks to the collaboration with Diputació de Barcelona, the Regional Authority of Barcelona.

The meeting has been held in Escola d’Enginyeria Industrial, with the participation of the members of the Local Advisory Board. And the aim of this meeting was presenting the new strategy for the city, as well as a set of new Leading Cities services: a Smart City focused accelerator, consulting services, the Leading Cities Hub and the links between Barcelona’s local ecosystem and the global organization. Participants shared insights into their current projects, offered an exchange of ideas for the organization and for Barcelona’s advancement as a Smart City. Collectively, the Barcelona LAB identified the 2017 Smart City Expo World Congress as a major opportunity to engage more Smart City startups and bring disruptive technologies and solutions to the global stage for implementation worldwide.

This meeting represents a defining moment in the history of Leading Cities globally and in Barcelona specifically. Organized by Leading Cities’ Local Coordinator, Dr. Joaquin Rodriguez, the Barcelona LAB is comprised of leaders from all five sectors of society—the q-helix Model developed by Leading Cities in 2013-2014.

Leading Cities is honored and grateful for the participation and dedication that each of these sectoral leaders has demonstrated through their existing efforts and the work that they envision accomplishing together through Leading Cities. As cities around the world seek to be more efficient, more equitable, provide higher quality of life and become more sustainable, Leading Cities, our partners and the leaders from our Local Advisory Boards are committed to developing the ecosystem necessary for these urban centers to achieve Smart City status.

We thank each of our Barcelona Local Advisory Board Members by clicking here

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