data-city-shutterstock_229061260-702x336Fake news, “alternative facts” and filter bubbles – the data we consume and what we read and experience online shapes the way we view the world and the everyday decisions we make, big and small.

Leading Cities, a non-profit organization working for cohesion in smart cities, is advocating for more accountability around the veracity and integrity of data that appears online.

Renato De Castro, Ambassador for TM Forum’s Smart City Forum, recently talked to Professor Joaquin Rodriguez of the Autonomous University of Barcelona and Leading Cities Co-ordinator, Barcelona about this idea.

“[Data] has two faces”, says Professor Rodriguez. “It’s a huge opportunity but it also represents huge risk – risks around social cohesion, democracy and more.”

He explains, “Through Leading Cities and in collaboration with other institutions we have been developing an idea about a public bank of data or a data broker. The idea is to imitate the idea of public banks. One of the biggest issues we are facing is about the quality of data. We have been working in order to guarantee fair access, quality and real data.”

The idea is to create a public agency that makes people and businesses — companies, city administration, universities, etc. — accountable for the information and data they put online.

Click here for reading the full article

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