Former Irish Prime Minister Joins Leading Cities Global Advisory Board

Enda Clinton.jpgLeading Cities continues to grow and increase its global presence, establishing new partnerships, and launching new initiatives such as the AcceliCity smart city startup boot camp program and creating a Member City Network open to all cities everywhere. Our global reputation is further enhanced by the caliber of world leaders who have embraced the mission of Leading Cities, which is to improve the quality of life in cities through smart city ecosystems.

Leading Cities and our global partners are pleased to announce that the honorable Enda Kenny, former Prime Minister of Ireland (Taoiseach), has joined the Leading Cities Global Advisory Board.

Mr. Kenny has served the nation of Ireland in elected office for more than 30 years. In

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 2011, Mr. Kenny became Taoiseach and served in that role until he stepped down in 2017. During his six-year tenure, Mr. Kenny co-chaired the World Trade Talks in Singapore 1996 and chaired the EU Council of Trade Ministers during Ireland’s Presidency. In 2011 he formed a government with the Labour Party in the face of the most severe economic recession seen in Ireland. Under his leadership, Ireland became the fastest growing EU country for 4 successive years; unemployment reduced from 15.2% to 6.3%; interest rates on Irish borrowing fell from 15% to zero, with the country’s credit rating restored and access to financial markets fully restored.

During this period, Ireland emerged as a hub of innovation, entrepreneurship and technology. Mr. Kenny’s leadership helped transform a nation and Leading Cities is grateful to have such experience to further our mission of transforming urban centers around the world.

Ireland has been represented in the Leading Cities network from its inception with Dublin being among the founding members of Leading Cities. Supported by the efforts of Jamie Cudden, Smart City Program Manager for the Dublin City Council and Brendan Williams, Assistant Professor at the University College Dublin, Leading Cities has led a delegation to Ireland focused on entrepreneurship and innovation, hosted a Leading Cities Summit, engaged in collaborative research and policy initiatives, and implemented student and faculty exchanges.