AcceliCITY Mentors

The AcceliCITY program is grateful to the Smart City experts who provide their knowledge and guidance to participants. These experts have experience and connections that are invaluable to startups looking to make their Smart City innovation a success in the urban environment.
We encourage you to apply today to become a mentor in the AcceliCITY program. Mentors may be called upon to host a webinar in September, a workshop in Boston and/or to connect one-on-one with our Participants if a relevant and mutually interesting opportunity exists. Not all mentors will be engaged during each cohort, as the curriculum is tailored to the specific needs and interests of each cohort.

Mentor Application

Sample Mentors

      julie lein   Miguel.png

       Andreas.png  Mahan.png


        baer dansteketee duplin kawalko


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