AcceliCITY 2019 Semi-finalists

Leading Cities, an early pioneer in the global Smart City ecosystem, is proud to announce the end of the AcceliCITY Smart City startup application process and congratulates the semi-finalists in this year’s competition. Of the 500+ organizations from 43 countries that applied to be a part of the AcceliCITY program, the following semi-finalists stood out as exceptional contenders. These semi-finalists represent 50 of the world’s most promising solutions to improve the delivery of services and the quality of life in cities.

Leading Cities and AcceliCITY are excited to work with these semi-finalists who each demonstrated the critical role they can play in building smarter cities worldwide. The purpose of AcceliCITY is to further the potential impact Smart City startups will have in cities and towns around the world. Together with our partners, we will help these startups succeed by connecting them with mentors from Leading Cities’ global network of smart city experts and city leaders and through our Member Network.

The selected cohort also includes shortlisted startups addressing smart water and smart mobility objectives as priorities determined by hosts of these tracks, respectively the City of Mount Pearl and the City of New Bedford. Their selected winner will receive the opportunity to run a paid pilot project in the respective host city. AcceliCITY is an effective launchpad for smart city startups because of its unique ability to connect them with the resources they need most—mentorship, access to capital and contracts with clients.

Selected semi-finalists will also be fast-tracked to the Urban Resilience Challenge by QBE and Ashoka. Those selected will automatically advance to the semi-finalist stage and compete for a 1st Place prize of $75,000 and 2nd Place prize of $25,000.

In addition, each AcceliCITY Finalist will be given €5,500 of in-kind marketing services from the leading global smart city network “bee smart city“, connecting smart city solutions with over 940 cities and communities. Finalists will participate in our Smart City Boot Camp in Boston (Sep 30th – Oct 4th), where they will have the chance to connect with potential clients and investors. Mentors will guide these organizations to the proper channels, networks, people, and knowledge to do business with cities worldwide and to help them achieve their goals, increase the value they offer, help them grow.

Leading Cities and the AcceliCITY team thanks the members of our global panel of Smart City leaders who judged the multiple rounds of Semi-finalist selection, our Mentors and our partners whose support of this program now shapes the communities we will live in tomorrow.

General Track

Acreto IoT SecurityAquagen ISIAxilionBikePath
EVERIMPACTExergygokid Green Stream
Meep NetOP Technology Pilot AI Labs PortEngine
RoadBotics Sadeem Smart Home Sentry Soapy Care UbiPark UrbanFootprint View-Factor
WatergenUSA Zensors MoovmoToporAuto

Smart Mobility Track

FlexeParkHAH ParkingParkofon Polis Assist
Ride Goat SpotAngels Torqway Visionful
Zumpy Carpool   

Smart Water Track

2S WaterAquarius SpectrumEZPack Water  Piipee
PYDRO Spectrabotics Stattus4 VidaLink  


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