Barcelona Local Advisory Board

Anne-Sophie Gresle

Anne-soA resident of Barcelona for the past 10 years, Ms. Gresle has worked on several international multi-centric research projects related to Education and Health (public health, biomedical research and health policy). She is currently working as a project manager at the Barcelona Institute for Global Health where she coordinates the Responsible Research and Innovation initiative. The main purpose of the initiative is to bring science and society closer together in order to co-create research agendas that directly respond to citizen’s needs and concerns, providing evidence and giving support to political bodies and decision-makers for the creation of better public policies. Ms. Gresle is a graduate in Business Administration at the EDHEC in France and the University of the West of England in the UK, and holds a Master’s Degree in International Relations from the Barcelona Institute for International Studies, Spain.

Areti Markopoulou

AretiAreti Markopoulou is a Greek architect, technologist and educator working at the intersection between architecture and digital technologies. She is currently the Academic Director at Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia (IAAC) in Barcelona leading international platforms of education such as the Master in Advanced Architecture and the Master in City & Technology. Furthermore, Ms. Markopoulou leverages her vast experience and talent to serve as coeditor of Urban Next and co-founder of StudioP52, a collective art & tech gallery. Her research and practice design explores new architectural models that incorporate applications of ICTs, Material Intelligence and Fabrication for allowing developed and public space to dynamically adapt to behavioral and environmental changes over time.

She holds a Bachelor in Architecture & Engineering from Democritus University of Thrace (DUTH), a Master’s from IAAC and a Fab Academy diploma on Digital Fabrication offered by the Fab Lab Network. She is currently a PhD candidate at the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC), on the topic of Responsive Environments and Smart Cities.

Carles Agustí

Carles AgustíCarles Agustí is the Open Government Director at Diputació de Barcelona, a member of Barcelona’s Open Data Institute Advisory Committee and of the Open Big Data Master Advisory Committee of the Polytechnic University of Catalonia, where he also performs some of his teaching activities. Recently, Mr. Agustí served as Councilor of Citizen Participation and Associations of Barcelona City Council, the position after which he became Innovation and Democratic Quality Director of the Catalan Government. Mr. Agustí is also the former General Secretary of the International Organization of Participatory Democracy (OIDP), an international organization with more than 750 participating cities and numerous associations from 65 different countries.

Carme Trinidad

Carme TrinidadCarme Trinidad is a social psychologist that started to work at them university as a social psychology lecturer. She quickly learned that she had no idea about teaching and began studying learning processes, communication, conflict management, dialog methods. Her challenge was to construct dialog and learning processes in digital platforms. Her activity is growing around two axes: conflict management and education of neuroscience. She is a consultant and works with nimby’s processes, seemingly impossible dialogues, community conversations and peace culture. She trains mediators and teachers to help schools teach children how to increase awareness of their surroundings and actively engaged with the world around them.

Daniela Rubio Trujillo

DanielaDaniela Rubio participates in the development and implementation of projects regarding inclusive education and job integration for people with special needs. Ms. Rubio particularly works with Apple technologies in order to enhance pedagogical methods and to help in creating accessible educational and professional materials by giving customized support to parents, teachers and individual users. In addition, she works closely with developers and evaluates Internet based platforms and mobile apps to make them more inclusive.

Since 2013, Carme has been part of the Apple Distinguished Educators global team, and in 2014 she joined the EMEIA Apple Distinguished Educators Advisory Board. In 2015, she founded Macneticos group in synergy with other qualified consultants. Together, they carry out projects such as socially sustainable digital accessibility, web content and app accessibility, and communication and marketing strategies.

David Garrofé

David GarroféDavid Garrofé has a Bachelor in law by the Autonomous University of Barcelona and has also taken part in the Senior Management Program (PADE) of the IESE. He is currently the General Secretary of the Regional Business Confederation of Terrassa (CECOT), General Secretary of the Business Angels Network of Catalonia and General Secretary of the Spanish Network of Business Angels (ESBAN).

Ivan Caballero

Ivan CaballeroIvan Caballero is a versatile leader, entrepreneur and strategist working toward a kinder society through inclusion and empowerment of our citizens. He has spent more than two decades founding successful and disruptive tech startups to improve our society. He carries out projects that apply technology and internet to social engagement, purpose driven entrepreneurship and citizen-oriented cities.

In 2013, he founded The Social Coin, a social movement to foster and track Acts of Kindness. Soon became a global movement and a game-changing technology for Social Responsibility for Companies, Universities and Smart Cities. His work with The Social Coin, the Gift and the Pay It Forward Economy has been inspiring people worldwide and receiving public recognition from the United Nations – WSA, the European Commission, the Institute for the Future, Gifted Citizen and different innovation and social impact congresses.

Jaume Cunill

Jaume CunillJaume Cunill is the CEO of Tech4freedom where he leads a social approach to technology that improves the quality of life for individuals with sensory impairments. Mr. Cunill commitment to developing and advancing such uses of technology provides positive impact and we warmly welcome him as a valuable member of the Leading Cities ecosystem.

Josep Lluis de la Rosa

Josep Lluís de la RosaJosep Lluís de la Rosa is a Full Professor at the University of Girona (UdG) in Spain and taught at the Rensselaer Institute of Technology (RPI) in New York, USA from 2008-2010. Mr. De la Rosa is also the director of the Technology Research Centre Easy and of the Official Master in Smart Cities of the UdG. He received his MBA from UdG and his PhD in Computer Science from the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB). Mr. De la Rosa is an expert in intelligent agents, social networks, virtual currencies, and digital preservation and their application to the market. With over 200 international publications and more than 20 PhD theses supervised, Mr. De la Rosa has contributed to the thought leadership and future of a new generation of business leaders and change agents. He is a researcher with entrepreneurial vision that has created several spin-off companies starting from the first world robotic soccer team as early as 1996. His research on complementary and virtual currencies started in 2006 and soon became fascinated by the disruption of Blockchain and SmartContracts technologies and their advantages. From that point forward, he has been working on this topic to design new types of money suitable for the Internet and many other applications.

Josep Maria Garcia Sala

Josep Maria de la RosaJosep Maria Garcia Sala has a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Business Sciences (UAB) and a Bachelor’s degree in Market Research (UOC). He has also taught a Management Development Program (PDD) course at IESE and he is currently working as Director of Infinitum Factory and IOT Infinitum Platform. Additionally, he performs Operations & Management consulting for both European and American companies and combines these professional activities with his lectures at the University (UAB) in Finance and Banking Management. Finally, Mr. Garcia Sala has been a UAB-Participant in European projects on the generation of renewable energies.

Konstantinos Kourkoutas

Konstantinos KourkoutasKonstantinos Kourkoutas is a Greek Urbanist, Engineer and researcher living in Barcelona for the last 11 years where he participated in different national and European research programs on urban and territorial development focusing on different European metropolis and the Barcelona Metropolitan area in concrete, as well as working in different architectural and engineering firms.

He is currently working in the Strategic Development Unit of the Research department of the Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona (UAB) where he is coordinating a multidisciplinary research cluster on Smart and Sustainable Cities with over 35 research groups, centers and institutions. Parallel to research coordination, Mr. Kourkoutas is responsible for topics related to open innovation and living labs within the strategic development of the university. He also organizes programs and tools for territorial transfer knowledge and cooperation with local agents (administrations, technological centers,


Oscar Chamat

Oscar ChamatBorn in Bogotá, Colombia, Oscar Mauricio Chamat is a civil engineer, a senior  consultant in urban innovation, and an urban thinker. He currently advises the Barcelona Council for the network of bike lane expansion. Chamat is also a lecturer of smart cities and citizen participation for the Externado de Colombia University. Since 2016, he has been co-producing the first podcast in Spanish about urban planning and the impact of technology in cities, where high representatives of cities and international organizations from more than 12 countries have been interviewed.

Previously, he was the executive director of the Colombia-Catalunya Chamber of Commerce, the delegate for Latin America for the Smart City Expo World Congress, and was the Barcelona representative in three European projects about the impact of technology and innovation in regional transformation.