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Leading Cities, in an effort to further our mission of improving the quality of life in cities, offers access to a premier range of services that provide clients with access to advanced research, emerging trends and technologies as well as consulting services from global experts. Working with Leading Cities’ international network of experts can support market expansion, adoption of new policies and technologies to improve cities, access to new opportunities, development of new programs and more.


Leading Consulting clients include:

                1. Municipal Governments
                2. Private Companies
                3. Public Institutions
                4. Colleges/Universities
                5. Non-profit Organizations

Carles Agusti

Carles Agusti

Smart Governance and Open Government

Carles is an expert in International Relations, Open Government, transparency, Open Data and new governance models, Innovation and management. Some of his many successes include developing Open Government projects for the Barcelona City Council (GOBCN), the Regional Government of Barcelona (DibaOberta) and the Catalan Government (ParticipaCat). Utilizing his vast experience, Carles, works with clients to develop Open Government plans, transparency, open data, citizen participation, Sustainable Development Goals plans and Smart Cities Plans, particularly related to Smart Governance.

Areas of Expertise: Open Government, Transparency, Open Data, Big Data, Citizen Participation, Management, Innovation, Smart Cities, Smart Governance, SDG’s

BaerSandra Baer

City Branding & Sustainability

Sandra is a leader in city branding, social inclusion and new technology investments that create more livable, more sustainable urban spaces. Her expertise includes helping city leaders and company executives communicate their value and their successes to build support and win business. As professional speakers and marketers, she advocates for re-imagining the ways cities must transform.

Areas of Expertise: Urban transformation, Innovative technology, Inclusion, Livability, Sustainability, Electrification, Circular economy

jochenJochen Berbuer

High-Performing Team Development

Jochen’s seasoned skills are inspiring individuals, pooling capabilities, building global networks for Smart and Connected Communities and turning real people into real winners.

Areas of Expertise: Integration, intercultural operations, mediation

OscarOscar Chamat

Urban Mobility & Innovation

Oscar is a civil engineer and urban planner with a special focus in urban innovation, smart cities, and active mobility. Based in Barcelona as the technical assistance to the city council for the design of bike infrastructure throughout the city, as well as, working with cities in Latin America in the field Smart Cities. 

Areas of Expertise: Active mobility, urban innovation, bike infrastructure, inclusive cities

renatoRenato de Castro

Strategy Development

Renato has accumulated over two decades of experience as a global executive within Asia, the Americas, and Europe. Renato has visited more than 30 countries, lecturing about smart cities and advising governments on urban projects.

Areas of Expertise: Smart City Strategy, Investment Attraction, AI Strategies

Herby Duverne

Herby Duverné

Security Management

With 25 years of experience developing, implementing and assessing procedures for proper reaction to emergency conditions that threaten organization personnel and assets, Herby has a proven track record of protecting  organizations and reducing the occurrence of viable threats they face.

Areas of Expertise: Cybersecurity, National Security Infrastructure, Security Intelligence, Crisis Management, Physical security management, Loss Prevention, Corporate Security

Thomas Lienhard

Thomas Lienhard

Surveillance & Camera Analytics

Thomas is a globally recognized expert in deploying the latest Surveillance equipment with Camera Analytics and software designed to keep users informed and provide the Business Intelligence needed to make decisions proactively rather than reactively.

Areas of Expertise: Business Intelligence, Crime Reduction, Forensic analysis, Pedestrian and Traffic Solutions, Congestion Analysis, Threat Detection

MulquinMichael Mulquin

Using Smart City Standards & Good Practice

Michael has spent 25 years partnering with cities, rural areas, housing developers and technology companies to use technology to help neighborhoods and cities work better. He focuses on the development and implementation of smart and sustainable city standards. He works with international groups of experts to identify and describe the good practice that enables cities to take full advantage of digital technology and helps cities and industry benefit from those tried and tested solutions that are relevant to their strategic requirements.

Areas of Expertise: Smart City Strategy, Smart City Assessment, Social inclusion, Citizen involvement

FarisFaris Oweis

Blockchain & Go-to-Market Strategies

Faris collaborates with cities and forward-thinking blockchain startups to transform flawed systems, achieve sustainable development goals (SDG’s), and prioritize human value over shareholder value.  For early startups, he helps shape go-to-market strategy, development priorities, product-market fit, revenue model, token economic model, use case testing for market adoption, and end-user experience feedback. For more mature products Faris supports executing pilot projects, channel partnership mapping, go-to-market for market or vertical expansion, product commercialization, and exploring additional revenue models. Faris also works directly with cities to promote regenerative economic principles and education on frontier technologies as a way to encourage positive civic behavior and co-creation.

Areas of Expertise: new economy, blockchain, AI, mobility, UN SDGs, P2P marketplaces, community engagement

Vitor Pereira

Smart City Public Relations & Marketing

Vitor is a Public Relations and Marketing Communications executive with expertise in Media Relations, Special Events, Partnerships and Project Management. He works with Cities, Universities and Private Corporations to develop roadmaps and strategies for Smart Cities, Smart Regions, Smart Tourism. Vitor is able to conceive, develop and implement brand-building strategies while collaborating with cross-functional teams to manage and facilitate time-sensitive communications with the media, vendors, and stakeholders.

Areas of Expertise: Smart Cities Roadmaps, Communications,  Public Relations

Paola Pollmeier

Paola Pollmeier

Open Innovation & Smart City Strategies 

Paola, an Open Innovation Strategist M.Sc. in Global Management & Governance with experience in initiating, driving and delivering high-level strategy & innovation projects in the public but also private sector. She has been creating strategies in how to involve citizens in public & private innovation projects – from challenge identification and ideation to project formulation. She supported many cities in conducting participatory processes of ideation, in which experts and citizens contribute with new insights and concrete ideas on how to solve grand societal challenges. Her strengths are urban experimentation and the design and creation of citizen-centered smart city solutions.

Areas of Expertise: Citizen-Centered Innovation Strategies, Urban Experimentation, Citizen Participation, Open Innovation,

joaquinJoaquín Rodríguez

Risk & Ethical Analysis

Joaquín specializes in the relations between society and technology, risk analysis and ethics. His work addresses some of society’s greatest challenges including the achievement of equity, gender equality, and ethics. Joaquín works with cities and corporations to analyze the unintended impacts of technologies on communities and individuals. 

Areas of Expertise: Risk Analysis, Ethical Analysis, Gender Equality, Co-creation, Co-participation

Daniela Rubio Trujillo

Digital Accessibility

Creation and assessment of digital contents, web-based applications, and mobile platform apps so they meet the standards required by the W3C and by national and international regulations regarding digital accessibility.

Areas of Expertise: Digital accessibility, adapted contents, accessible online services

Dan Steketee

Daniel Steketee

Social Impact Growth

Daniel is a Growth Strategist turning problems into opportunities across the C-Suites, operations, and technology. Assisting social impact change-makers, innovative start-ups, venture capital/private equity firms, and large Fortune 500 companies with optimizing capital spend, processes, systems, and data. Strategic and Tactical initiatives have focused on business process optimization, business transformation, digital transformation, capital raising, due diligence, strategic planning, operational assessments and improvement, product design and build, vendor selections and implementations.

Areas of Expertise: Smart City Strategy, Capital Raising, Operational Assessments, Scaling, Due Diligence, Digital Transformation

YatesEmily Yates

Resilient & Inclusive Cities

Emily is a highly skilled urban policy professional with a passion for creating resilient and inclusive cities. Leveraging her expertise in facilitating cross-sector collaboration and partnerships to implement innovative and inclusive strategies and programs, she works with policymakers and practitioners to connect them to global best practices and helps translate to each unique local context via strategies, programs, and projects.

Areas of Expertise: Circular Economy, Resiliency, Fourth Industrial Revolution, Workforce Development, Civic Engagement
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