Industry Expert Membership

Membership Benefits

LaunchPad 11 is a virtual community of corporations, industry leaders, and solution providers coming together with a single mission of addressing the challenges facing communities on a global scale.

Industry Expert Member Benefits

Your virtual workspace will provide you 24-7 access to engage LaunchPad 11 members and attract new clients. This designated space also provides you and members of your team to use LaunchPad 11 to stay connected in this remote working environment. Additionally, as a metaverse-resident, you can conduct business and host meetings with stakeholders within the LaunchPad 11 space.
  • 1-year LaunchPad 11 membership​ for up to 2 employees​
  • Designated workspace​

Pricing: Annual Membership $8,000

+ 50 hours of pro-bono support to LaunchPad 11 members