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  1. Three Smart City Startups Gain Global Exposure
  2. Leading Cities Launches AcceliCITY, A Global Smart City Startup Competition
  3. Boston just got more awesome
  4. Dublin: Leading Ireland’s recovery and future through investment in its entrepreneurial ecosystem
  5. Europe in focus: Portugal progress toward startup success
  6. Ireland knows what it means to do business
  7. Lisbon: Rise of the entrepreneurial spirit
  8. Silicon Valley of Mexico: Gateway to possibilities

International Trade

  1. Building a Better Boston: WCCP 2012 Chatham Forum [part 1]
  2. Building a Better Boston: WCCP 2012 Chatham Forum [part 2]
  3. Catalan President talks public transit, economy
  4. Leading Cities Visits Rio’s Emerging Olympic Village
  5. Smart City, Faith City
  6. WCCP 2013 Chatham Forum featured big ideas and announcements
  7. World Class Cities Partnership Hosts US Ambassador to Portugal Allan Katz and Portuguese Business Leaders on Trade Mission


  1. Future Boston Alliance and the Business of Hipness
  2. Human Talent: A City’s Greatest Asset- Dublin Summary Key Points
  3. Lisbon launches new website to attract top students
  4. The Intelligence of a Smart University
  5. The Problem with urban “Brain Drain” is not the Drain
  6. The real reasons young people leave Massachusetts

Technology & Infrastructure

  1. Barcelona Success Yields Model For Boston Innovation District
  2. Boston and Lisbon: Putting the waterfront at the forefront
  3. Economic challenges prompt forward-looking plans and responses
  4. Epcot meets The Jetsons: Futuristic city underway in Portugal
  5. Positive Contamination of Smart Parking
  6. Smart Accessibility: Unlocking Potential
  7. Smart Cities, From Trend to Future Reality
  8. The Good, the Bad and the Disruptive
  9. The Smart Evolution of Living Buildings
  10. Vision, Leadership & Innovative Financing: the Port of Maravilha Redevelopment Case


  1. 2019 AcceliCITY Offers Paid Pilot Projects to Smart City Startups
  2. AcceliCity partnership with TM Forum will accelerate time to value for cities and Smart City Startups
  3. Boston Mayor Martin Walsh Commends Michael Lake as Only American Nominated for International Smart Cities Award
  4. Smart City Funding: Finding Ways to Finance Urban Transformation
  5. Inaction: The Greatest Threat to Cities
  6. The “Smartness” of Smart City Ecosystems
  7. Smart Cities 4.0: The Undiscovered Generation
  8.  Cities Everywhere Join the Ranks of Leading Cities