City as a Platform Manifesto


City Manifesto SignatoriesLeading Cities is a proud, originating signer of the City as a Platform Manifesto created by TM Forum. The Manifesto was officially launched at the Smart City InFocus Forum 2017 hosted by TM Forum in Yinchuan, China. This Manifesto supports the use of Open APIs and common standards, which offer a direct path to creating an open, flexible and interoperable city platform model.

This Manifesto opens with “We share a common desire to improve the quality of life for people and the planet, knit local communities closer together, and offer a new economic agenda for local government by using digital platforms. We believe that, by itself, technology will not solve the challenges facing cities around the world. We believe that we need a shared collaborative framework between residents, the public and private sector to drive the desired outcome of sustainability, inclusivity and targeted innovation that benefits cities and their residents.”

Signatories include cities, businesses, academic institutions and non-profit organizations and each is committed to following the Manifesto’s 10 principles:City Manifesto

  1. Quality of Life
  2. Public/Private
  3. Sharing Economy
  4. Local Businesses
  5. Privacy/Security
  6. Inform Decisions
  7. Curation
  8. Open Standards
  9. Federation
  10. Inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable

Read more at  City as a Platform Manifesto

To join your fellow leaders from around the world and sign on to the Manifesto, please email us at