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A global program to provide communities with breakthrough technologies to enhance sustainability and resiliency for all.

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Leading Cities is a non-profit foundation committed to tackling society's greatest challenges through urban innovation by enhancing the sustainability and resilience of our communities.

AcceliGOV, in collaboration with QBE, provides funding for vetted solutions sourced through AcceliCITY, one of the world's top GovTech accelerators. We offer prepaid projects to generate direct impact for communities worldwide.

Application Deadline: February 29th

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The AcceliGOV program encourages cities, municipalities, and private organizations to apply for a no-cost implementation of innovative, sustainable solutions that enhance urban resilience and address specific local challenges. This year, Leading Cities is proud to have seven separate pilot offerings, each with a unique application form. Click the boxes to learn more about each offering and to apply.


An EV Charging Solution

Revolutionize urban EV charging with sleek, city-friendly curbside solutions

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A Waste Solution

Process unsorted waste and experience 100% waste elimination

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FLASH Technologies

A Weather Solution

Predict lightning precisely, enhance public safety, and minimize disruptions

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An Environmental Solution

Leverage satellite data and AI for sustainable environmental analytics to enhance urban resilience

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A Response Plan Solution

Allow emergency responders to create and share coordinated response plans with community partners.

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Syrinx Environmental

A Clean Water Solution

Harness nature to clean water sources while reducing pollution in urban and remote communities

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Reducing Risk & Cost of City Innovation

Leveraging a network of global experts to evaluate and vet smart city solution providers municipalities are able to access some of the world’s leading solutions.

The AcceliGOV Process

Pilot Offering Defined

A pilot project proposal is selected from hundreds of smart city solutions vetted by global experts offering a no-cost pilot to the AcceliGOV Challenge Champion.

Application Period

Municipalities and organizations of all sizes and locations complete brief application to be considered for AcceliGOV award of a no-cost pilot.

Winner Announced

Leading Cities announces and promotes the AcceliGOV winner globally and facilitates the pilot kick off planning between the solution provider and winning municipality.

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